Margaery Tyrell

The Road to Sacramento - Part XII

Characters: Kitty and Robert, Nora.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Robert and Kitty McCallister take on their next challenge after Robert fails to win the Republican nomination for president.
Disclaimer: Nope, I still don't own any of these characters. Move along, nothing to see here.
A/N: I'm sorry this chapter has taken so long to come out, and for abandoning my LiveJournal in general. I've been crazy busy with University and the newspaper, but I have absolutely no intention of abandoning this fic. There's just going to be more time between updates unfortunately! Apart from during the holidays, haha. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this chapter and that it will be worth the wait. As always, comments are very much appreciated.

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Part XII

Kitty made a small, soft noise in the back of her throat and slowly turned her head, opening her eyes and glancing up to find herself staring at a ceiling that was slightly unfamiliar compared to the one in her bedroom. It took her a few moments to realise that she was curled up with her husband and resting her head on his chest, her body covered by the throw which usually lived on the back of the couch that they were currently occupying. She smiled to herself and watched Robert’s chest rise and fall for a few moments before she ran her hand gently up his body and glanced upwards, trying to figure out if he was still asleep.

“Hey,” Robert murmured, his eyes still closed, “Don’t worry, it’s still early.”

“Hey,” Kitty whispered back, shifting herself up to kiss her husband just underneath his ear, “How long have you been awake?”

“Not that long. I’ve been trying to get back to sleep,” Robert admitted, opening his eyes and pausing for a moment to smile at Kitty, “I feel like I should be more tired after last night.”

“Mmm, me too. Maybe we were enjoying ourselves too much to get tired,” Kitty suggested as she smiled in return. She slowly rolled over from lying on her side to face her husband and let him wrap his arms around her back as she placed her lips on his, lingering on each kiss.
“You know, I think I the couch is my favourite out of the places we tried last night,” she mused, “I’m so glad we decided to go downstairs.”

“Me too,” Robert replied, adding, “But I don’t know, I’m torn between the couch and the armchair.”

“I could tell you liked the armchair,” Kitty murmured with a coy smile, “You said it’s still early, right? So we have time.”

“Lots of time,” Robert affirmed, nodding emphatically at his wife before he returned to kissing her. No sooner had the words left his mouth than they both heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs and quickly realised that they weren’t the only ones already awake. Kitty instinctively rolled over to one side and was only prevented from falling off the couch by Robert’s arms, which held on tightly onto her. She tried her best to breathe quietly and then exhaled deeply when it became clear that Nora had walked past the living room and was heading towards the kitchen.

“Thanks,” Kitty whispered to Robert, doing her best to stifle a laugh as he brought her back onto the couch again fully.

“What were you trying to do?” Robert whispered back with a bemused smile, “Make a quick getaway and leave me here to face your mom?” 

“I don’t know, I panicked. Believe it or not, I don’t have any past experience getting caught making out with my husband on the couch,” Kitty replied, smiling back at Robert and kissing him quickly before she slowly sat up and stepped down onto her feet. She glanced around for her underwear and nightdress, quickly slipping them on as she found them.
“I should’ve remembered my mom likes getting up before everybody else,” Kitty remarked before she suggested to Robert, “Go back upstairs, honey. I’ll make us some breakfast and bring it up in a few minutes. Getting up early has to have some advantages.”

“Breakfast in bed?” Robert said, breaking into a smile, “What’s the occasion?”

“A very memorable night,” Kitty replied, leaning in for one more quick kiss before she turned around and walked away, leaving her husband with a broad grin on his face. She couldn’t resist a smile of her own accompanied by a very slight blush as she walked past one of the armchairs in the living room.
Making her way through the corridor in the direction of the kitchen, Kitty found herself feeling slightly nervous about facing her mother even though she knew it didn’t make any sense. She was an adult, this was her house, and the time she spent with her husband was no-one’s business but theirs, yet she still felt a little like a teenager worried about getting caught with her boyfriend. It was slightly ironic, she mused, especially considering that her mother was the liberal Democrat of the family and she was the conservative Republican.

“Kitty?” Nora’s surprised voice said as she saw someone step into the kitchen, “Is that you?”

“Good morning, Mom,” Kitty replied, turning her back towards her mother as she quickly walked over and opened the door to the refrigerator.

“What are you doing here?” Nora asked, blinking confusedly at her daughter, “You’re never awake at this time.”

“You make it sound like I sleep in every day. You’re the one who doesn’t have a job,” Kitty pointed out, taking a deep breath and turning around once she had everything she needed from the fridge, “Robert’s awake, too. I guess we both woke up before our alarm for some reason.”

“Well, I have to admit, today is one day when I’d have liked to have slept in,” Nora remarked from where she was sat at the kitchen table, “Did you hear them last night?”

“Hear them?” Kitty echoed, suddenly standing slightly straighter than usual, “Hear who?”

“The cats! Well, I think they had to have been cats. They were making so much noise last night,” Nora explained, “I think they were fighting or mating or who knows. I don’t know how you didn’t hear them.”

Kitty’s mouth opened slightly for a moment but no sound came out. After a few moments she managed to garble something about having a deep sleep and having to go, then surprised Nora by practically running from the kitchen without even taking anything she’d grabbed from the fridge. The nearest room Kitty could see as she made her way down the corridor was the downstairs bathroom, and she kind of needed to go anyway, so she darted into it and quickly shut the door behind her. Resting her back against the door, she covered her mouth with her hand, caught somewhere halfway between shock and holding back her own laughter.

In the meantime, after having slipped on his boxers, Robert had made his way upstairs and was lounging in bed waiting for Kitty to return. He had started to wonder if his wife was preparing a breakfast fit for royalty, since she seemed to be taking quite a long time, and he had ended up reaching over to her bedside table to have a look at what book she was currently reading.
After reading the blurb on the back, Robert had got through the first five pages or so when he heard the door open and glanced up at the door with a smile. As soon as he saw Kitty, however, his smile vanished completely. He didn’t need to hear her say anything to be able to tell that there was something wrong. She was walking slowly with her arms folded against her chest and her gaze was directed squarely at the floor.

“Kitty?” he asked quietly as he placed the book down, “What happened?”

“What? Oh my God, sorry, I forgot breakfast,” Kitty realised as she glanced up at Robert, “I’m so sorry, Robert. I’ll go make it.”

“Hey, come here. I don’t care about breakfast,” Robert said, sitting up and patting the side of the bed next to him for Kitty to come sit down. He could see tears brimming in the corners of her eyes as she stepped closer and was trying to think what could possibly have happened.
“Kitty,” he said gently, “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Oh, Robert, it’s so stupid,” Kitty replied, glancing up for a moment and taking a deep breath, “I just...I just went to the bathroom and I...I got my period. And I wasn’t...I hadn’t taken a test or anything, but I was a few days late and I guess I had just started to hope that maybe...”
Robert’s mouth twisted slightly before he pulled Kitty in closer and wrapped his arms around her, letting her sink into his embrace as she sniffed again several times to avoid letting any tears fall. She curled up against his chest and closed her eyes momentarily.
“I told you,” she whispered to him, “Really stupid.”

“It’s not stupid,” Robert said simply. He wished there was more that he could say and that he could somehow promise Kitty that it would all work out, but he knew he couldn’t. For now, all he could do was hold her.
Very good! I liked the way you shifted from the fun scene to the serious. Real life does sort of sneak up on you like that. I enjoyed this chapter very much.
Thanks! That was exactly what I was going for, the contrast between the funny moment and the sad one. I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)