Margaery Tyrell

'The Social Network' Press Conference OR The Day My Phone Sat in Front of Aaron Sorkin


I'm not sure I've completely processed all of today yet. I'm going to be writing an article about the press conference and a review of the film for The Cambridge Student, so I'll link you guys to that when it comes out, but I just wanted to share with all of you lovely people a more personal account of what happened.

I had to get up ridiculously early this morning to meet Jess and Jen, the editors-in-chief, at the station and be in London for 9:30 AM, but it was so totally worth it. First of all, I went to a screening of 'The Social Network' at the Sony Pictures building, which was pretty cool in itself. We walked past the Paramount Pictures building on the way and the whole thing just started to feel very surreal. The screening room was very small and intimate, and we all sat down to watch the movie. And what a movie. I guess in the USA most people have seen it already but here it's not out until Friday 15th October, so it was great to see it in advance and it was also a great movie. I was most impressed by the writing (of course), but the performances were also really good and I feel better now about the fact that Andrew Garfield is playing Spider-Man in the new movies, because he's a fine actor. And also very cute, but I'll get to that. Overall I really enjoyed the film and I think it speaks volumes about modern society and also really nicely examines what it's like to become so rich at a very young age.

From there, it was on to the press conference at the Dorchester Hotel. It was also quite a small room, and we ended up about three rows away from the table where Aaron Sorkin, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake would soon be sitting. I had a notebook out to take notes, but to my surprise they announced just before the press conference started that if anybody wanted to record it, they could place their recording devices on the table. Jess turned to me and asked if I had recording capabilities on my phone and I did, so I handed it to her and she rushed to place it on the table. We sat down again and the stars of the show came out, upon which I realised Jess had placed my phone right in front of where Aaron Sorkin was sitting. Needless to say, I have now decided I can never get rid of my phone.

The press conference was fairly short, but still amazing, and it was lovely to hear from everybody. Throughout, we kept hearing feedback noises in the speakers due to mobile phones being on, and the moderator explained that we needed to switch our phones off (or change them to flight mode) rather than leave them on silent. I then realised my phone was actually on silent, but it was sitting right in front of Aaron Sorkin and I couldn't very well go and switch it off! So, according to Jess, the feedback during the interview was all my fault, haha :P I still maintain there may have been some other people who had their phones on. Either way, it prompted plenty of jokes - Aaron Sorkin said about the feedback "Maybe it's Morse code." :D The cast were very funny throughout, actually, and kept joking around - when asked if he was on Facebook, Jesse Eisenberg replied that he had created an account under the name of Andrew Garfield and got no friends apart from Andrew Garfield's alias wanting to be friends with himself! :D Aaron Sorkin was fascinating as usual and at one point he said he understood people creating a persona on the internet because he wishes he was as witty as his own characters - at which I point I felt like saying "BUT YOU ARE, AARON!". They all said really interesting things about the themes of the movie and the research they did for their acting (and in Aaron's case, screen-writing), and I was so glad that I ended up recording the whole thing. And on a shallower note, I have to say Andrew Garfield is really cute in person.

But all good things come to an end, and all too soon Aaron Sorkin and the others were walking out of the room. Unfortunately we didn't get to ask any questions - only about 5 journalists at the front did - but I had a really amazing time and I'm still so psyched that I got to see Sorkin in the flesh. I get goosebumps whenever I watch the first four seasons of The West Wing and I do really admire Sorkin for his fantastic writing. I hope one day I can write anything even half as good.

He is totally cute! Haha, I hadn't really seen him in anything before, but now I totally love him too.
What an incredible experience! Can you download your recording and put it on a CD to save it? It must be a keeper!
Yeah, I recorded it on an iPhone so I've downloaded it to my computer as well and made sure to save it! :)
Wow what an incredible experience! That must have been incredible Aaron Sorkin, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake all in one room with you.
:D I was all about Sorkin, I'll be honest! But I was also converted to an Andrew Garfield fan thanks the film. He's a great actor as well as being very cute.
Oh no - you mustn't sell the phone now it has a personal connection with Aaron. It's sad that there wasn't any time for questions but I'm glad you managed to capture some of the day.

I remember seing Aaron in 05 on the press night of A Few Good Men. Some of my friends and I had gone to the stage door to see if we could get Rob's autograph. I saw Aaron walking down towards the main road and wanted to go after him to say how much mum and I enjoy the film The American President - but he was walking so fast! Sigh.
Definitely. Hahaha, I am now extremely attached to my phone.

Very cool that you saw Aaron Sorkin on the press night (did you get Rob's autograph, incidentally?) but a shame he was walking so fast. I also love The American President. And A Few Good Men. And heck, anything written by him.
I did he signed my thaetre programne but to my great shame I lost it! I dropped the programne on the final night somewhere either arond or in the theatre on the final night!
No way! Oh dear, that's such a shame. Still, you got to see him in A Few Good Men, which makes me very jealous.