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What happened to Brothers and Sisters?

I’d really love to know the answer to this question. I wasn’t even going to comment on the season premiere at all, but ended up watching the last ten minutes because of a specific scene and it just pissed me off.

It’s not even that they killed off one of my favourite characters and destroyed my favourite couple - I’m not happy about that, obviously, but it’s almost beside the point. I was unhappy with the show way back in Season 3. I think it had something to do with co-creator Jon Robin Baitz getting fired by ABC, but whatever the reason, the show changed. It stopped being emotionally resonant and interesting, and instead started playing to clichés and changing characters completely for no reason.

I truly fell in love with the show during an episode in Season 1 with a flashback where Kitty recounts to Justin what it was like being in New York on 9/11 and I started crying, which is rare for me during television shows. Back then, I actually believed in those characters and I loved the way the show portrayed politics within a family. It didn’t give you any easy, trite answers back then, and even though I’m sure if I lived in the US I’d be a Democrat, I found myself listening to Kitty’s Republican opinions and pausing for thought. In fact, when I first started watching the show, I barely knew anything about American politics, but I found it so interesting that I then went on to watch The West Wing and follow the Obama campaign closely. I miss that show. The show that wasn’t afraid to talk politics, or portray a gay man’s love life realistically, or deal with the reality of finding out that who someone you admired and is now gone wasn’t who you thought he was.

Now what? Since Season 3, we’ve had characters who’ve been all over the place. Kitty went from loving politics, to hating campaigning and wanting kids, to deciding she wanted to run for office. Kevin went from being a lawyer who was very much a Democrat to working for a Republican senator. And then we had plotlines that were just reused over and over. After a whole season about Rebecca finding out she was William Walker’s daughter, she found out that she wasn’t, and some other guy was his son instead. After a whole season about Tommy and his fertility problems, they decided to give Kitty fertility problems too. And finally, the icing on the cake is that, from what I hear, the show has made a decision that politics will no longer be a part of it (which I believe had something to do with axing Robert).

So what’s left? Fabricated family drama with no real substance. People used to like Brothers and Sisters because you could relate to the characters and their situations. I see parts of myself in Kitty, and her relationship with Justin sometimes reminds me of how I am with my younger brother. Now, I can’t relate to any of these characters. And the heartbreaking part is that the actors are all so, so good that it seems like such a waste. They deserve better, and so does the audience.

I’m sorry for this long rant, but it’s just that I remember vividly watching an episode of Brothers and Sisters with my parents and laughing and crying with them and enjoying myself so much that at the end of it I said that it was probably my favourite TV show. Now I can’t even bear to watch it.

Well it really sucks because Kitty and Robert's marriage was just finally really good again and then he had to die. But the show didn't want him to leave, Rob Lowe asked to because he felt his part was to small. They just had to work around that, like they had to make a story why Tommy isn't there anymore and now why Rebecca's leaving.
Last night's premiere wasn't great but I'm hoping it gets better after this, now that they got Justin's homecoming and Robert's death out of the way :/
I don't think it was really as simple as that. I heard that the show wanted to cut costs as well, and Rob Lowe has mentioned several times on his Twitter that the network has decided to remove the politics storylines from the doesn't make sense to keep Robert around in that context. I blame the show for the fact that so many people are leaving, not the people themselves :/
There were many things wrong with the season opener. They seem to have dropped the water spring story entirely, without explaination. Nora is suddenly working in a flower shop, also unexplained. The underware ads for Sarah's lover seem to be just for sensationalism - he is supposed to be a successful artist, why would be be doing underware ads. Of course, they downplayed the main story line from the fainally in not showing the memorial for Robert - not much closure for fans of the Robert and Kitty story line. They put in the Kitty being solicited for a job by the RNC (Republican National Committee) just as she is dealing with deciding to end life support for Robert, making it almost seem as if, now that she has a job offer she has decided it is time to move on. That seemed pretty callous and out of character for someone grieving over the impending decision to end life support for her beloved husband.
I can understand Rob Lowe not wanting to stay on if they were ending the political story line. But, now, why are they bringing a job with the RNC into it for Kitty? I also think that the way that ABC was trying to rule Rob Lowe's personal life when they wanted to have him give up the sports he loves just so that he wouldn't look more tan than the rest of the cast was rediculous. Why should he have had to give up something of his personal life for a TV series?
One of our local stations here in MN is starting to run the series from the beginning in syndication. Seeing the first episodes, before Robert and Kitty, makes you aware of how important that story line was in moving the overall story forward. Those first few episodes were wandering and awkward compared to the later ones after Robert was added to the story.
Well, there's anotheropinion of someone fed up with the hype and the attempt to cull a few more ratings points from the last season final episode, to support this season's weakened story line. If you ask me. Brothers and Sisters is on life support!
I thought they did mention the water spring story? There was something about Sarah planning to move to France with the money if I remember rightly.
As for Kitty, I don't think she's going to take this RNC job because I heard she's going to stay at Ojai and "reinvent" herself. Whatever that means. Urgh, I just hate the whole thing.
They only mentioned the spring water in that they were all to get a piece of the profits and they decided to give it to Kitty to pay Robert's hospital bill. When they left it last spring it sounded like an ongoing business like the food and wine business had been.
On Kitty's handyman - I have seen that actor in Army Wives on Lifetime. (Lifetime has it on line-he is Chase Morran, special forces-army ranger, black ops). He not only isn't as good looking as Rob, he is also no where near as good as an actor.
That doesn't surprise me! I'm just going to have to pretend this guy doesn't exist. It's so ridiculous that Kitty of all people would date a handyman.
Agreed! If you are used to being with a professional why would you even consider dating a handyman. I think they have run out of ideas - they certaintly have run out of GOOD IDEAS!!!
I watched the episode tonight and decided that this will be the third show I won't continue watching this season. Maybe some time later (when I'm really bored), but for now I will stop :(
What killed the show for me:
+ Robert's death (or first, not death)
+ Nora and the flower shop (what was that about?)
+ the underwear ad (unnecessary - sex sells, yes, but it's not a solution for everything)
+ Saul and his HIV (I thought, he did tell everyone he was okay)
+ Holly's amnesia (that was really the point when I decided it was okay to go to the kitchen to get some coffee without pausing the episode)
... and a few more things I already forgot again :(

It's too bad ... all these old shows are starting to bore me: GA, PP, B&S, NCIS ... I haven't watched "Desperate Housewives", yet, so I still have some hopes left :(
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels really disappointed by it all :( I think it's worse because of how much I used to love the show.

Oh, and on the subject of Saul, he said that he was fine but then during the car accident when he was bleeding he said to Kevin "Don't touch me. You can't." and showed that he'd been lying.
No, you are not the only one ;) I'm curious about the rating for this season. I think they lost a few viewers that only (mostly) watched for Rob.

Oh, right. I forgot :( Thanks.
mellyj down there *points down the comments list* said the ratings for the premiere were as good as the Season 3 premiere. I'm curious too to see if they'll stay that way. I think there will be quite a few people who'll stop watching because Rob is gone, too. TBH, I started watching B&S before I even knew who Rob Lowe was, but I thought giving Kitty a love interest who could match her intellectually made the show better. The problems with the show started long before he left, though, IMO.

P.S. I love your avatar. It's highly appropriate for me considering the B&S fanfic I write :P
I think many people were curious about the changes, but not all of them might continue watching. We will have to wait and see.

I started watching the show because of Calista. I knew her from Ally McBeal (my boyfriend and I discovered AMB only months before B&S and we became fans of her - he more than I did *g*) and was happy to see her in something new.
Well, and when Rob was hired I was twice as happy ;) But I agree, the show had many problems right from the start. As far as I remember, they hired and fired a lot of showrunner/crew members. That can't be good for any show ...

I love this icon, too. It's so true most of the time lol
Yes, I agree with that. It'll be interesting to see if the audience is as tired of it as the actors seem to be, lol.

Calista was definitely one of the reasons why I decided to tune in, as well :) I remembered seeing her on Ally McBeal. I still love her as Kitty, but her character has changed so much and for no apparent reason.

And yeah, I think the worst was when they fired the co-creator of the show, Jon Robin Baitz...I hear that he always had a very different vision for B&S than what it ended up becoming.
I've been reading the spoilers for season 5 and I'm appalled at what I've been reading. It will be interesting to see how the ratings fare!

I wonder if Rob has the happy knack of getting out of shows just as they start on a slippery slop downwards!

I really hope this ends up being the last season. The rest of the cast is so good and they need to go off and do better things.

As for Rob, I think he does. He got out of West Wing just before Sorkin left, so...
I've just watched it via Channel 131 and so agree with a reviewer on Television without Pity fourm - "What a jumbled, incoherent mess."

The show got the same ratings it did for season 3 first episode.
Rob has said that sometimes you have to know when it's time to walk away from something, to leave before it goes bad. He does seem to read these things well. Of course, looking at his credits, he never goes long without a new project!
I can totally understand the way you are feeling and while I agree that B&S isn't the same anymore,I still like the show and care for the characters.
And tbh,of course I didn't want Robert to die -especially not right after he and Kitty got their marriage back together - but I never cared about the whole politics stuff so I won't miss that part :/