Margaery Tyrell

The Road to Sacramento - Part XI

Characters: Kitty and Robert, Nora.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Robert and Kitty McCallister take on their next challenge after Robert fails to win the Republican nomination for president.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Never have, never will.
A/N: Sorry about the delay on this chapter. I've been pretty busy this week because of my birthday and also because I'm going back to university on Friday. And on that note, I also just wanted to let you know that because of me going back to university, my new chapters will probably be coming less frequently than they have been lately, like maybe once every two weeks. I love writing them and I love reading your comments, so I hope you'll continue to read them and enjoy them. I also hope this chapter was worth the wait and that you guys like it! Comments as always are much appreciated.

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Part XI

Robert had known that he and Kitty were going to regret answering the doorbell almost as soon as he had heard it ring, but he was regretting it even more by the time he stepped into the hallway from the living room. The look on his wife’s face already told him most of what he needed to know, and it didn't take long for his mother-in-law’s voice to fill in the blanks.
“Isaac’s gone?” Robert queried, causing Nora to turn around and look at him, “That’s impossible. He said that he would let us know within a week if he wanted to take the job.”

“Well, unless he got out of my car at the airport and jumped straight back into a cab, it’s possible,” Nora informed Robert, “And I'm pretty sure they do have phones in Washington, Robert, so I think you’re pretty safe to assume he’ll still be able to let you know. Your job offer is what made him decide to go back.”

“OK, Mom, you're not making a whole lot of sense, but can we just pause this conversation for one minute?” Kitty asked, “I’ll be right back.”

Nora nodded, upon which Kitty thanked her and turned to make her way quickly up the stairs. In the meantime, Nora contented herself with glaring at Robert, who suddenly became very aware of the fact that his hair was slightly ruffled and his shirt was a little creased. Part of him wanted to say something, but it was at times like this that he remembered he didn’t really know his mother-in-law all that well, and he still wasn’t sure exactly how much he should say. Thankfully, Kitty didn’t take very long and he soon heard the sound of her footsteps coming back down the stairs. Robert wasn’t completely sure why she had gone up there, since she hadn’t returned looking any different or carrying anything, but there were more pressing matters to deal with for the moment.

“Alright, Mom, let’s talk about this,” Kitty said with a slightly frustrated sigh as she folded her arms, “Start from the beginning and tell us what happened with Isaac. Did you two have a fight or something?”

“No, of course we didn’t have a fight. We didn’t even have a disagreement,” Nora replied matter-of-factly, “He just came to the house and I was making dinner for both of us and he said he’d had a meeting with you and with Robert. He said you’d offered him a permanent job here in California and...Kitty, why didn’t you talk to me?”

“Talk to you?” Kitty echoed in disbelief, pausing for a moment before she stated, “Look, Mom, I know you’ve been seeing a lot of Isaac lately and believe me, I'm very happy for you, but I’ve known him for a long time and Robert and I both agree that he’d be a great asset to us. Offering him a job has nothing to do with you.”

“Of course it has to do with me. Don’t you understand what you did?” Nora almost pleaded, “You put Isaac in a position where he has to decide within a week if he wants to leave his family and his whole life in Washington to move to California and be with me and we barely know each other, Kitty. It’s too soon in a relationship to have to make that kind of decision about our future.”

“Well, Mom, for one I think you’re overreacting...” Kitty started to say as she edged closer to Robert and slipped her hand into his.

“Of course you do,” Nora interrupted briskly, “You barely understand the concept of taking things slowly in a relationship. How long did you two wait before you got married?”

“Hey, now that is not fair,” Kitty snapped, “You have no right to judge me or Robert. We’re old enough to make our own decisions and we did what felt right to us.”
Kitty briefly exchanged a look with Robert that was enough for her to confirm she was saying what he wanted to say. She took a few deep breaths for a moment as her husband stepped in.

“I realise we might have put you in a complicated position, Nora,” Robert said evenly, “But we didn’t really have much of a choice. We couldn’t exactly wait around for you to give us your approval before we offered Isaac a job because we need someone like him now. You  have to keep your personal life separate from politics and that’s just the way it is. Though I still don’t get why he’s supposedly gone back to Washington.”

“Oh, please. You two don’t know the meaning of keeping your personal lives separate from your politics,” Nora noted before she let out a small sigh, “Isaac’s gone back to Washington to make a decision. He...he told me that he was going to talk to his family and get a few things in order and go from there.”

“Oh,” Kitty said, raising her eyebrows slightly, “Well, that doesn’t sound so terrible. It sounds to me like he’s getting ready to move over here.”

“He's not coming back,” Nora said with a shake of her head, “One day if you have your own family you’ll understand, Kitty, but I just have a feeling that as soon as he sets eyes on his children, he won’t want to come back. And I don’t exactly blame him. I mean, what I have with him...I don't even know what it is. He’s just such a wonderful man and we always had such a great time together.”

Kitty exchanged another look with Robert, slightly annoyed that her mother was reminding her in the worst possible way that she still wasn’t a mother, but she swallowed her pride and walked over to slip her arm comfortingly around Nora.
“Mom, I’m sorry you had to drop Isaac off the airport today. That must have been really hard to do,” she said gently, “But I've known Isaac for longer than you, and I really do think he’s going to come back. Now why don’t you head on home and get some rest and make sure Justin hasn’t burnt down the house or anything and we’ll talk better tomorrow, OK? I’ll stop by and see you.”

“Oh, Justin’s not there,” Nora remarked absently, “He agreed to babysit for Sarah while she’s out on a date with Graham. I guess it’s just going to be me alone in that big old house tonight.”

Kitty saw the lonely look on her mother’s face and closed her eyes regretfully for a moment as she realised what she had to do. As much as she wanted to just send her mother home, she knew that she’d only end up feeling guilty about it afterwards.
“Robert, can I talk to you for a minute?” she requested of her husband, “Mom, feel free to sit down and do whatever you want. I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, well, alright then,” Nora replied before she glanced over at Robert only to see that, like her, he also looked slightly puzzled. She shrugged her shoulders slightly and walked into the living room to sit down on the couch while Kitty made her way over to Robert and took his hand again.

“What’s going on, honey?” Robert asked quietly as Kitty gently pulled him into the kitchen.

“You’re not going to like this,” Kitty admitted, turning to face her husband, “But honey, I think we should ask my mom if she wants to stay over tonight. Justin’s not at home and she just had to say goodbye to Isaac and I know we didn’t do anything wrong but I do kind of feel responsible.”

Robert sighed deeply and thought for a moment before he slowly nodded. He slid his hands around Kitty’s waist, resting them on her silk dressing gown as he brought her a little closer and smiled at her.
“You shouldn’t feel responsible. Though it’s kind of endearing that you do,” he remarked in a hushed tone, “I think the guest room still has sheets from when Justin was here.”

“Thank you, honey,” Kitty replied simply with a smile back, sighing and adding quietly, “Believe me, I had plans for tonight that I’d much rather...well, you know, I suppose we still could...”

“With your mom in the next room?” Robert queried, raising an eyebrow at Kitty and chuckling slightly.

“Well, we could be very quiet...” Kitty suggested with a small laugh of her own.

“And there’s always downstairs...” Robert added, grinning as leant forwards to kiss Kitty’s lips.

“Good point. We’d have to hope Mom doesn’t come down for a glass of water,” Kitty agreed with another laugh after returning her husband’s kiss, “I promise we’ll find a way. I don’t want this to ruin our night. Anyway, Mom should be supportive. We’re trying to give her another grandchild.”

“I love you, honey,” Robert remarked with a grin, “Let me get your mom something to drink. Do you want anything?”

“No, just you,” Kitty replied with a smile of her own, “I’ll go tell Mom she can stay.”

“Oh, Kitty?” Robert spoke up, causing Kitty to turn around on her way towards the door, “Before, when your mom had just arrived, what did you go upstairs for?”

“When...oh, yeah. That,” Kitty said, having taken a moment to realise what Robert was talking about, “I remembered I wasn’t wearing any underwear.”
Kitty saw Robert’s eyes widen as he raised both his eyebrows and she merely smiled coyly at him before she turned around once more, making her way slowly back to the living room.
haha hon the end was hilarious... great chapter :)
BTW I love Norah, she's such a drama queen...
Hee! Thank you hon, I'm glad you liked it! :D I find Nora hilarious. She can guilt her children into almost anything.