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Getting older...

Guess who turns 21 today?

Yep, that'd be me. :) So excited! I'm going out for dinner tonight with some of my friends and really looking forward to it. My main present I've actually had for a little while now - a lovely Sony Vaio netbook which I adore and have named Scott (yep, I'm one of those people who names her computers). From my parents I also got some Tommy Hilfiger clothes and a Blu-ray of The Road, which was the first film I ever reviewed for our student newspaper The Cambridge Student, for which I am now Film & TV Editor. My brother gave me How I Met Your Mother Season 2 on DVD and my friend Alan gave me Friday Night Lights Season 3! Yay, I'm a happy bunny :D

BTW, thank you so much pengyn for uploading Sara Bareilles's new album yesterday. I love it and I've been listening to it so much that I think Uncharted has become my birthday theme.

Edit: I just finished watching the Gossip Girl season premiere and I loved it! It was a really fun episode. Blair and Serena were looking gorgeous in Paris (although I think Serena wears some odd clothes sometimes) but I sympathised a lot more with the former than with the latter. True, Serena should be allowed to go wherever she wants (and of course, she has to be NYC to stay in the show), but I can understand why Blair was kind of mad about always being in Serena's shadow. Plus, how did Serena even get into Columbia, anyway?! It kind of baffles me that Ivy League colleges would want her when she took a year off basically doing nothing and never seemed to me like the studying type. Anyway, it was nice to see them both make amends at the end of the episode. 
As for all this stuff with Dan, that's just kind of weird...I still don't 100% believe that he's the father for some reason. And why does Georgina keep talking on the phone in Russian?
Nate is normally the character I care the least about, but this storyline with Juliet is kind of interesting. I wonder what the deal is with her.
And finally, Chuck...I'm not a fan of Clémence Poésy at all, so I'm not all that thrilled about her being there, but whatever. Let's hope she's just a stepping stone on the way towards Blair and Chuck reuniting.

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Happy Birthday!

Gossip Girl was so intense. I felt sorry for Blair until the whole Prince thing. That was so low. She makes drama where there doesn't need to be any.

I don't think Dan is actually the dad, but we will see where it goes.
Thank you! Yeah, it was pretty intense, but there was some lighter stuff too. I also felt sorry for Blair, I guess that's just her personality! And yes, I have my doubts, too.
Happy Birthday again!!

I agree with you about the Gossip Girl premiere.
Hey, it's you! Thank you!! :D I didn't know you had an LJ. I love the layout so much, is it OK that I added you as a friend? :)
Haha yes it is. Thank you. Duh! I'm pretty boring and haven't updated in awhile, but I will come back on here soon. :)
Hi Rebecca, Just got on line and want to wish you a wonderful birthday! Sounds like it is a good one! All the best for the coming year too! Rebecka
I hope you had a fantastic BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm so sorry I'm late on saying this :( *hugs*
Wed. Sept 15 - have you been on Twitter yet today? I got a surprise there last night - another retweet from our favorite CA Tweep! It sure turned around the lousy day I was having! Any day with a Tweet from Rob is a good day!
I just finished watching Hotel New Hampshire - it does kind of ramble, it is a strange movie. It started out funny, then went strange. I'll have to watch it again and see what I think of it the second time around.
I've seen it. To be honest I don't think I understood what it was meant to be're right, it's a very strange movie!